Twine, semantic Web tool, revealed

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Nova Spivack, CEO of Radar Networks demonstrates its new Twine service which goes way beyond other Web bookmarking and collecting tools. It’s hard to explain what this tool does because we haven’t seen a tool that does a lot of what Twine does before. Once you try it, though, you’ll want everything on the Web to behave like this.

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  1. Julien D Says:

    Hmm, interresting, I am working at the moment on an organized wiki AND a web site that would use a kind of semantic web concept… my litterature review led me here. It’s gonna be a good source of information. I might use Twine for my team organisation purpose. (no competition here my products will be totaly different and on the opensource crazy useless but verypopular side of the internet ..only organized) well i guess i just forgot what i wanted to say initialy so .. I’ll just click send

  2. Julien D Says:

    ho yeah !!
    it’s very interresting but as the more info and tagging you can put somewhere, the more misleading you can get. this would work perfect with educated non spamming organized people but it might just be interresting and fun in the end because not controled enough…

    how do you control someone putting the wrong tag… can you hide or ignore words that are being tagged in your text as semantic links ..?

    how do you deal with dupplicates? mispelling (i am bad at spelling too don’t cry Marc)

    hmm.. so… all your stuff in one place (or reference in that place).. questions :

    privacy protection ? can i? do i want to have all that there?

    will the organisation/link engine mess everything up if my stuff belong to a broad range of interrest categories ?
    can i teach the engine how to organize this or that ??

    is twine just more featured or does it really have a NEW approach for REAL organisation, classification of things.

    sorry for that trash post, just have a lot of question not really asked the way i was thinking about them…

    Interresting vdo though, that’s a first step I just hope it’s not just a nice Front for a messy core… but well I guess if you had the support of the people you said you have that should be serious.

    last question…

    if I say I slept with Becky… will it check my agenda to see if it was when she told Jeff by email she had to go have dinner with her granma ??

    (don’t answer)

  3. Brad Garland Says:

    I have to say, Nova, although a really smart guy, comes off kind of arrogant and bypassing most of what Robert was asking. Did anyone else get that sense?

    I like what Twine is all about but I get turned off by his lack of consideration of the people he’s talking to. My thoughts…

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  7. Paul Walsh Says:

    What is it with your passion for Cork Robert? Most of the tech companies are based in Dublin ;)

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