Talking with Dopplr’s CEO about business travel tool

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Dopplr is a really cool way to let everyone know where you are while you travel on business. It’s a service that’s gotten very popular with many of us in the tech community and here you meet Lisa Sounio, CEO of Dopplr. We catch up to her in a car on the way to the LeWeb3 conference in Paris. Sorry it’s so dark, but we think you’ll enjoy this interview anyway where you get some insights into her company.

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  2. Tim Steward Says:

    The service is cool but I love the way you do your videos anywhere. I was more interested at times in the city of Paris in the background because you just turn on the camera and go. I think we need more of this. Access to places and people we would never experience otherwise. Great show I watch every episode the moment it hits Itunes on my Itouch. I wrote this from my blackberry in the airport!

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