John Battelle on 2007 predictions and advertising industry

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You might have heard of John Battelle. He plans the Web 2.0 Summits, wrote a book about Google, runs an online advertising company, among many other things. I spent some time with him this week talking about his predictions (which, for the past few years, have turned out to be quite accurate) as well as his advertising business, Federated Media, which provides advertising and revenues for famous blogs like Boing Boing and TechCrunch.

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3 Responses to “John Battelle on 2007 predictions and advertising industry”

  1. Charbax Says:

    Awesome video.. it sounds fun that Google wants to boil 2/3rds of the GDP, death of the record labels and movie studios in 2008, new interface for the web, video is technology and quality.

    I think though that people want less ads, ads shouldn’t monetize this whole thing. I think there isn’t going to be space for ads on this new interface for the web. Micro-payments would be one way, payment to authors through taxes would be the other way which one country will experiment and rapidly show it being a successful policy and all other countries will follow. So have all artists publish their stuff ads-free and for free, and have a system that monitors popularity and quality to pay artists and authors what they deserve. Many more creators will make a living, quality of the content will increase exponentially.

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